Steadfast NC Message – Nov. 9th, 2015

I am a Democrat because I believe in public education and its value in ensuring the future of our children and our state.

North Carolina has had a proud history of supporting public education.

As the Regressive Republicans in our General Assembly took office, they began dismantling that legacy. What was their very first agenda item? MASSIVE tax cuts for the wealthy, at the expense of vital public education needs and the futures of our children. Here’s what they did, in spite of dramatic increases in student numbers: Continue reading “Steadfast NC Message – Nov. 9th, 2015”

Gov. McCrory doesn’t like being “called out”

No surprise here  after he has colluded for the past 4 years with the Republican legislature to dismantle essential public health services and cripple the state environmental agency from performing essential tasks to protect the public.


Lawmakers are destroying North Carolina?

Millionaire Protection Act?

As if HB 2 was not a sufficient piece of red meat to entice their voters to the polls this fall, the legislature is now poised to pass a proposed constitutional amendment which will make American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) exuberant. The Republicans are prepared to recommend to the voters this fall their so-called “Taxpayer Bill of Rights” (TABOR) which will freeze income taxes at 5.5% for the foreseeable future. This might look good, but it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing for it is more accurately described as theMillionaire Protection Act. It will place an increased dependence on consumption taxation and will hamstring future administrations when they are faced with unforeseen emergencies.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse